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Two Tiers

  Start from £165

 Three Tiers

 Start From £270

Wedding Cake​s

Simple Decoration, Ribbon etc

Moderate Decoration,

Full Decoration with Sugar Flowers.

 1 Tier wedding Cake

from £150

from £200

From £250

 2 Tier Wedding Cake

from £200

from £250

from £300

 3 Tier Wedding Cake

from £320     

from £350

from £410

 4 Tier Wedding Cake

from £400

from £460 

from £550

 5 Tier Wedding Cake

from £550

from £600

from £700

6 Tier Wedding Cake

From £700

from £770

from £850


Buttercream Piping

With Simple Fondant Decoration

with Flowers or Models

*Per Cupcake

From £3.00

From £4.00

From £5.50

*Cupcakes - our minimum order for cupcakes is 12, unless we are offering promotions for special dates, Mothers Day, Fathers Day etc where smaller boxes may be offered.
You may choose one flavour for every 12 cupcakes.


Due to the astronomical cost of fuel at present we have had to increase our delivery prices/terms:
Wedding cakes with a value of £450+ are delivered free of charge within a 10 mile radius of CF62 3HL,

thereafter mileage is charged at £1.15 per mile, round trip. Cakes under this value are charged from point of delivery.

Birthday & Celebration Cakes are delivered subject to availability and only offered for cakes with a value over £190. 

Delivery starts at £15.00  Please enquire for a price and availability